For more information: Contact Jimmy Harper at (318) 652-0578 or 2018 Vendor Application VENDOR REGULATIONS – 2018 NATCHITOCHES MEAT PIE FESTIVAL VENDORS MUST FURNISH TENTS, TABLES, CHAIRS, SIGNAGE, EXTENSION CORDS, ETC. NO ELECTRICAL HOOK-UPS ARE PROVIDED IN NON-FOOD AREA. VENDOR INFO:  All vendors must be registered with the Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival in order to qualify, to sell or demonstrate their products or services.  You must provide completed signed application, signed regulations, applicable fees, and certificate of insurance to register. ALL FOOD VENDORS: All vendors MUST be set up beginning at 8:00am to 12:00pm (Noon) Friday, September 14, 2018. You will NOT be able to drive down the riverbank area after 12:00pm (Noon). ALL cars MUST be off of the riverbank area at 12:00pm (Noon) to make room for non-food vendors. FOOD VENDOR INFO:  Absolutely no dumping of any liquids other than clear water will be tolerated.  All other liquids such as grease, oil or drink syrup must be carried off the riverbank by vendor.  All cooking operations must have a 10 lb. all-purpose, dry chemical fire extinguisher and a current inspection tag by a State of Louisiana certified agent (Louisiana Licensed Fire Extinguisher Company) readily available.  Fire Department Personnel and Gas Commission Inspector will inspect each vendor on Friday.  If your fire extinguisher does not have a current LA inspection tag your booth will not pass inspection and you will not be allowed to conduct business; therefore forfeiting all monies paid to the festival.  The Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival will not be held responsible for notification or acceptance of these codes. PROPANE GAS:   All connections and fuel lines will be checked for safety. NON-FOOD VENDOR INFO:  Items to be sold at these booths can be jewelry, novelty items, t-shirts, wood products, arts & crafts, purses, jellies, candies, packaged foods, etc.  No cooking can take place at these booths.  If you are not sure if your item qualifies as this type of vendor, please call to make sure.  Items do not have to be handmade. Non-food vendors should be prepared to be set up NO SOONER THAN 12:00 – 4pm on Friday, September 14, 2018.  ALL cars MUST be off of the riverbank area by 4:00pm.  No cars allowed on the riverbank after this time.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  To make other arrangements please contact Jimmy Harper. ELECTRICAL HOOK-UPS:  All electrical connections must meet the specifications and metering requirements set forth by the City of Natchitoches.  As per City ordinance, portable generators may not be used for electricity.  Household duty extension cords and other unapproved methods of electrical connection are not allowed.  Each booth requiring electricity must be connected and metered individually by the City.  The Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival committee will arrange for all electrical connections.  Please provide a detailed description on the application of your electrical needs. The City will be at the festival location on Friday to make sure all vendors are set up for operation. PAYMENT:  All booth spaces are due and payable, upon being notified of acceptance.  Absolutely NO REFUND will be made after vendor agreement is executed. INSURANCE:   All food vendors are required to provide proof of insurance for $1,000,000 liability coverage and list Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches as additionally insured.  It is not necessary to submit proof of insurance until after notification of acceptance. Upon acceptance, certificate of Insurance may be mailed with applicable fee. Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches is not liable for any injuries, weather conditions, acts of God, loss of income, loss or damage of supplies or equipment, nor does it guarantee a profit of any type.

Download the Vendor Application – Print/scan and email to or mail to Jimmy Harper Questions? Contact – (318) 652-0578 – 172 East Ridge Drive – Natchitoches, LA 71457